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ASB Cyber ClashAsia School of Business - AI Robotics Hackathon Workshop1:00 pm - 5:00 pm(GMT+08:00) View in my time28oct1:00 pm5:00 pmAsia School of Business, 11, Jalan Dato Onn


    • october 28, 2023
    • 13:00 Workshop13:00- 17:00

      *Time below is representing the schedule that comprises the 3 hour event*

       0:00 - 0:10: Welcome and Introduction

      • Brief overview of the hackathon's objectives.

      • Introduction to the Battle Arena, Field Commanders, and Hackmasters.

      0:10 - 0:15: Icebreaker Activity

      • A quick activity to help participants get acquainted and build rapport.

      0:15 - 0:25: Team Formation and Zoom Breakout Sessions

      • Organize participants into teams.

      • Assign 5 Field Commanders and 10 Hackmasters to each team.

      • Direct teams to their respective Zoom Breakout Sessions for initial introductions.

      0:25 - 0:30: Robot Kit Overview

      • Brief overview of the robot kit components to familiarize Field Commanders.

      0:30 - 0:50: Robot Assembly Session

      • Field Commanders start assembling the robot kits.

      • Hackmasters observe and provide input on the assembly process via Zoom.

      0:50 - 1:10: Coding and Strategy Development

      • Hackmasters begin coding the AI algorithms for the robots.

      • Field Commanders provide real-time feedback on the robot's physical capabilities and limitations.

      • Teams discuss and strategize their approach to navigating the Battle Arena.

      1:10 - 1:20: Break

      1:20 - 1:30: Interactive Coding Tutorials

      • A short tutorial session for Hackmasters to familiarize themselves with the coding platform.

      1:30 - 1:50: Test Runs in the Battle Arena

      • Teams get a chance to test their robots in a practice version of the Battle Arena.

      • This allows them to identify any issues and refine their strategies.

      1:50 - 2:10: Final Coding and Strategy Refinement

      • Based on test run feedback, Hackmasters fine-tune the code.

      • Teams finalize their strategies for the main event.

      2:10 - 2:40: The Ultimate AI Showdown

      • Teams compete in the Battle Arena.

      • Performance is tracked and updated on the Global Leaderboard.

      • Real-time analytics on team performance are provided.

      2:40 - 2:50: Debrief, Learning Reflection, and Collaborative Problem-Solving

      • Teams discuss their experiences, challenges faced, and lessons learned.

      • Emphasis on the applied methodologies like "Failing Upwards" and "Rapid Prototyping."

      • Teams share unique solutions and strategies they employed during the showdown.

      2:50 - 2:55: Take-home Resources

      • Provide participants with resources to explore post-workshop.

      2:55 - 3:00: Closing Remarks, Acknowledgments, and Feedback Collection

      • Announce the top-performing teams.

      • Thank participants for their enthusiasm and collaboration.

      • Actively collect feedback on the workshop experience.

      Speakers: Dr. Siti Najaa Zulkifli, Nikos Chalikias

Speakers for this event

  • Dr. Nikos Chalikias

    Dr. Nikos Chalikias

    Munster Technical University - Tech Fellow

    Munster Technical University

    Nikolaos (Nikos) Chalikias has developed embedded-systems projects, focused on telecom, military, elevator, wireless-sensors, small motors control, medical. Involved on project proposals and full development lifecycle from board to system level, procurement, production, and testing.
    In Munster Technical University/Nimbus/Ireland: Team-management & technical-lead for embedded systems development and end-to-end IoT projects such as fats remote monitoring, river-environmental-sensing, wireless sensors, human body sensors, medical ML scanner, LoRa, n-Blocks modular embedded systems platform and nBlocksStudio model-based-design development platform. Research/Development focus: Modular electronics, Wireless Sensors, Edge AI/ML, Model Based Design applied on Firmware, Mechatronics.

    Munster Technical University - Tech Fellow

  • Dr. Siti Najaa Zulkifli

    Dr. Siti Najaa Zulkifli

    Asia School of Business - Asst Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center

    Siti Najaa Zulkifli is an Assistant Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center at Asia School of Business. She obtained her PhD in Organic Chemistry from the University of Queensland (UQ) in 2016 and has a Bachelor degree in Biotechnology (with Honours Class 1) majoring in Drug Design and Development in 2011 from the same University. Prior to joining ASB, she worked with UQ as a chemistry university tutor handling total over 500 diverse groups of undergraduate students in tutorials, laboratories, and workshops in one semester. With her educational background in Chemistry, affords her two skills that are essential in Management: to “see” the world around in multiple dimension; and the “see” process, time, and entropy.


    Asia School of Business - Asst Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center


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