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    • october 28, 2023
    • 15:00 How Retailers Like John Lewis, DFS and B&Q are Using 3D Online and In-store15:00- 15:45
      3D Cloud by Marxent is the 3D product experience platform and global leader in 3D e-commerce for furniture, kitchen, bath, outdoor, office furniture, closets, and storage. The 3D Cloud platform is a B2B SaaS that allows retailers and brands to build endless applications from a single 3D product catalog. With 3D Cloud, 3D content is created, managed, and published to all 3D applications from a single source of truth for consistency across every touchpoint in the customer journey. Applications that run on 3D Cloud include 3D Cloud Product Configurators, 3D Cloud Sectional Configurator, 3D Cloud Room Planner with Design from Photo, 3D Kitchen Designer, 3D Cloud Virtual Reality, 3D Cloud 360 Product Spins, 3D Cloud Instant Renders, and 3D Cloud WebAR Augmented Reality. 3D Cloud by Marxent has offices in Miamisburg, Ohio; St. Petersburg, Florida; London, England; and Auckland, New Zealand. Clients include a major U.S.-based home improvement retailer, Kingfisher plc, PlaceMakers, Mico, Kinsman, Macy's, Ashley, HNI Corporation, La-Z-Boy, Joybird, and John Lewis and Partners. The company is backed by Dan Gilbert and Arnie Bellini. For more information, visit
      Speakers: Leigh Davidson
    • 16:00 Ztudium: Igniting Digital Revolution with Pioneering Blockchain and AI Solutions16:00- 16:45

      Ztudium, founded by Dinis Guarda, is a prominent player in the realm of 4IR, Metaverse, AI, and Blockchain technology. With over two decades of experience, the company has fostered innovation, offering solutions like digital transformation platforms and blockchain-powered digital certifications for SMEs and governments. Their vision is to enable individuals to become creators through their pioneering technological innovations, aiming for a global impact by collaborating with various education and business networks

      Speakers: Dinis Guarda
    • 17:00 Decoded: Empowering the Next Generation with AI-Driven Learning17:00- 17:45
      In an era where technology is reshaping the educational landscape, Bianca Bauer, the visionary founder of Decoded, delves into the transformative power of AI in student learning. Discover how Decoded is not just another study tool, but a revolutionary platform designed to understand, adapt, and cater to individual learning styles. Through a blend of cutting-edge AI and a deep understanding of pedagogical needs, Bianca unveils how Decoded is setting students on a path of genuine understanding, mastery, and success. Join us to explore the future of education, where technology and human potential harmoniously converge.
      Speakers: Bianca Bauer
    • 18:00 ASB Hive: The Gateway to ASEAN18:00- 18:30
      The Asia School of Business is excited to talk about advancements in their ASB HIVE Accelerator and Incubator programmes taking flight in 2024.
      Speakers: Dr. Siti Najaa Zulkifli
    • 19:00 AI in the Boardroom: Navigating Strategy and Risk with Precision19:00- 19:45

      Richard Barber, the strategic mind behind, delves deep into the intricate dance between AI strategy and the inherent risks it presents, especially at the corporate and boardroom levels. In a world where AI is rapidly becoming the backbone of business decisions, understanding its potential and pitfalls is crucial. Richard sheds light on how executives can harness the power of AI while maintaining a vigilant eye on risk management. Join us for an enlightening discussion that bridges the gap between technological innovation and corporate governance, ensuring that businesses thrive in the AI era without compromising their integrity or security.

      Speakers: Richard Barber
    • 20:00 8 Ways to Peel a Banana20:00- 20:45

      Michelle Gordon embarks on a captivating exploration of the barriers that often hinder innovation and the embrace of new ideas. Drawing parallels between the simple act of peeling a banana and our approach to problem-solving, she delves into the human psyche's resistance to change. But what if the answers aren't in our gadgets but in the world around us? Michelle posits that by immersing ourselves in nature, we can unlock fresh perspectives and break free from self-imposed limitations. Join her on this enlightening journey as she uncovers eight profound insights from the natural world, guiding us towards true innovation and a renewed sense of wonder.

      Speakers: Michelle Gordon
    • 21:00 eSchools21:00- 21:45

      eSchools offers flexible online solutions to meet your school’s requirements. Click on one of the options below to view the services we provide and see how eSchools can help your school.

      Speakers: Rhea Jarvis
    • 22:00 Non-toxic Social Networking with jinnYouity22:00- 22:45
      jinnYouity empowers artists and connects fans so anyone with a creative dream can succeed.
      Our app is a soulcial® media and competition platform that allows artists to promote their talent, collaboratively build a fanbase, and easily monetize their work. Using crowdfanning® to connect raving fans to emerging artists, we cultivate authentic artist-fan engagement, inspiration, and support. Create, compete, connect. Cha-ching!
      Speakers: Dr. Michelle Pipes
    • 23:00 How to create a Virtual Human with AI & 3D23:00- 23:45
      AI gives us the power to make holograms and NPC's intelligent. Whether at home, at the store or in the classroom, virtual beings will give us incredible new forms of companionship, entertainment and learning. This talk goes through the current and future state of the technology to explore the applications of Generative AI-powered avatars. James Basnett is the CEO of an AI & 3D studio called Shape Immersive, where he brings together AI agents in 3D experiences that power virtual beings.
      Speakers: James Basnett
    • 0:00 Web3, XR and Nature Conservation: Payments for Ecosystem Services0:00- 0:45

      Join us for a discussion on the convergence of Web3 and XR technologies with nature conservation. We’ll explore the concept of Payments for Ecosystem Services and how the Emergent Layer team is applying this by digitizing ancient trees in the forests of British Columbia. We’ll look at examples of PES schemes from around the world and compare them to other methods like Carbon Credits. Participants will have the opportunity to explore digital twin forests in XR.

      Speakers: Jonathan Plashkes

Speakers for this event

  • Bianca Bauer

    Bianca Bauer

    University of Oxford Material Sciences | Founder - Decoded



    University of Oxford Material Sciences | Founder - Decoded

  • Dinis Guarda

    Dinis Guarda

    Author & CEO of ztudium /

    ztudium /

    Mr Dinis Guarda is an author, influencer, visionaire entrepreneur, investor, futurist and global thought leader in 4IR, AI, Fintech, digital transformation and Blockchain. With decades of experience in international business, holding executive-level positions within digital transformation, Dinis has expertise in new tech, cryptocurrencies, regulation, compliance, and international legal processes. He has been a Lecturer and Speaker in some prestigious universities such as Cambridge, Copenhagen Business School, INSEEC, Monaco University, etc. Dinis is also a global thought leader recognised by the likes of Oxford University,, LinkedIn, Cointelegraph and more.


    Author & CEO of ztudium /

  • Dr. Michelle Pipes

    Dr. Michelle Pipes

    jinnYouity - Founder


    Using words, passion and heart, I craft communications that reach up and down the corporate ladder, making sure everyone is heard and understood.

    As a prolific writer, I am blessed to be able to articulate thoughts, ideas and perspectives in such a way that others can learn, grow and understand. I’ve never met a stranger and my circle of influence grows with every plane flight, conference, course, and meeting I attend.

    I’ve been blessed to work in higher education, more specifically information technology and STEM areas, but those experiences have allowed me to work with tech-savvy students, faculty, professionals and researchers who have all added to my own industry experience and education. The young minds I am around on a daily basis are a constant source of inspiration, enthusiasm and collaboration – we don’t know it all and they don’t know it all, but together we can figure it all out.

    I have also been fortunate to have worked for organizations like ABC News and Good Morning America, while celebrating small business wins with my fellow Just Between Friends franchisees. Learning theory is important, but putting what you learn into practice is invaluable. However, I was gifted an even more valuable experience – that of being able to share what I learned, through formal and informal training, with others who were following in my footsteps.

    jinnYouity - Founder

  • Dr. Sepi Chakevah

    Dr. Sepi Chakevah

    Unviersity of Oxford - AI & Quantum | Founder Pixesllar


    Inventor of PixselChat the first multiuser data communication platform with embedded live translation. Thought Leader & academic in Data Science & AI with a long standing experience in higher education sector and R&D IT project management. CEO/Founder of Pixsellar University of Oxford Departmental Lecturer in Data Science and Course Director Everywoman Innovator Award 2020 and ConnectTVT Technology Game Changer 2021.


    Unviersity of Oxford - AI & Quantum | Founder Pixesllar

  • Dr. Shibu Vadaketh

    Dr. Shibu Vadaketh

    Asia School of Business - Tech Fellow

    Asia School of Business

    Asia School of Business - Tech Fellow

  • James Basnett

    James Basnett

    Shape Immersive - CEO

    Shape Immersive

    I am the CEO of Shape Immersive and Founder of Data Stars.

    Previously I managed an innovation lab called Momentus. We focused on building R&D and emerging technology solutions for retail, healthcare and media that was acquired and now a part of the Cognizant family. We developed disruptive products for Verizon, Lululemon, Groupon, Goldman Sachs, Apple, Kohl’s, Clover, Reddit, and Shell. We also launched an endless aisle Smart Mirror that has been installed in many fortune 500 retailers.

    Prior to that, I was the VP Strategy at Medeo, the world’s first telemedicine platform that connects patients via and doctors via video using public healthcare networks. I developed the digital channels for market entry and doubled month over month growth.

    I like to think of myself as a proven leader that applies a wealth of skills in innovation, business development, market strategy, go-to-market development and team building in fast-growth environments.

    Experience delivering on business and P&L commitments, and successfully developing people and organizations in the following business areas: transformation, innovation, integration, and marketing.

    I am passionate about helping creative people expand their capacity in a technology-driven world, including economic empowerment, entrepreneurship education, energy, talent acquisition/placement and moonshots.


    Shape Immersive - CEO

  • Jonathan Plashkes

    Jonathan Plashkes

    Adamant Labs - President

    Adamant Labs

    Jonathan is a multi-disciplinary artist and entrepreneur based in Roberts Creek, BC. Jonathan studied Radio and Television Arts at Toronto Metropolitan University and graduated with a degree in Business from Western University in Ontario. He has been combining these two domains ever since, as a business analyst and brand strategy consultant, a marketing technologist and a media creator. He is the founder and CEO of Adamant Labs, a business technology agency based in Vancouver. Jonathan has a passion for ecological conservation and volunteers his skillset with local activist organizations in the Vancouver area.

    Adamant Labs - President

  • Leigh Davidson

    Leigh Davidson

    Marxent Labs - Managing Director

    Marxent Labs

    Leigh is responsible for Marxent’s International business, with clients such as John Lewis, DFS Group, and Kingfisher Group (B&Q). Prior to joining Marxent, he worked with IBM, P&G, and Dassault Systemes (3DS). His previous experience in Retail 3D and AR includes engagements with both Cimagine (acquired by Snap Inc.) and Augment. Leigh graduated with a first-class degree in Business Communication from Sheffield Hallam University and is passionate about helping clients implement groundbreaking technologies.


    Marxent Labs - Managing Director

  • Michelle Gordon

    Michelle Gordon

    GrowOut Retreats - CEO | Dragonscale AI CFO | Corporate Advisor

    GrowOut Retreats

    With a focus on sustainability and social impact, Michelle is a CFO who works as a strategic partner to the CEO of start-up companies and companies going through accelerated growth. Michelle helps companies establish efficient financial and business systems to enable them to successfully grow.

    Using a unique skill set of business systems, accounting, and HR, she has adapted her skills to work in many industries. As a contract controller/CFO and management consultant she has worked in the following industries: manufacturing, lumber, technology, finance, not-for-profit, government, First Nations, agriculture and sustainability.


    GrowOut Retreats - CEO | Dragonscale AI CFO | Corporate Advisor

  • Rhea Jarvis

    Rhea Jarvis

    eSchools - Head of Sales


    Rhea Jarvis is an experienced Ed Tech Advisor with a demonstrated history of working in the Education software industry. Skilled in Sales, Sales Management, Event Management, and Educational Technology. Strong administrative professional with a Bachelor of Arts – BA focused in Communication and Media Studies. Once graduation from university, Rhea joined an Ed Tech start up and participated in growing the company from from 50 customers to 10,000 across the UK and Ireland. 
    As the Head of Sales at eSchools, Rhea draws on her extensive background of the industry to drive the company’s sales strategies. She brings a wealth of Knowledge to the stage and is passionate about driving Education and Parental Engagement through the use of platforms such as eSchools, who focus on creating equal opportunities and providing access to an Education for all.


    eSchools - Head of Sales

  • Richard Barber

    Richard Barber - CEO

    AI Governance and Growth Strategy Consultant, C-Suite Leader and Board Director with 25 years of leading companies in domestic and international marketplaces. A solid reputation for achieving customer-centric business plans with general management execution, overseeing the day-to-day business. A strategist and change agent providing strategic direction, diverse perspectives and ensuring DEI. Impressive history of transformational and visionary leadership helping organizations innovate, thrive and grow. A compassionate executive with a grasp on profitable revenue growth, global expansion, organizational development and building large multi-level teams in complex matrix environments. Analytical and data driven, leveraging a technical science background. Philanthropist supporting a focus on education, spirituality, third world health and food insecurity. An outdoor and motorsports enthusiast

    URL - CEO


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