01 What are the topics for this conference? Chevron Down Chevron Up

The conference will focus on the transformative technologies of Extended Reality (XR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Web3. We will explore their potential, their impact on various industries, and the opportunities they present for innovation and growth. The conference will also delve into the challenges these technologies pose and how we can navigate them.

02 Is it really free? Chevron Down Chevron Up

Yes, Intellect Horizon is completely free to attend. We believe in the democratization of knowledge and the power of these technologies to shape our collective future. We want to ensure that everyone, regardless of their background or resources, has the opportunity to learn, engage, and contribute.

03 Will videos be available after the conference? Chevron Down Chevron Up

Yes, all sessions will be recorded and made available after the conference. We understand that not everyone may be able to attend the live sessions due to different time zones or other commitments. Our aim is to make the insights and discussions from the conference accessible to all.

04 How can I contact the speakers? Chevron Down Chevron Up

We respect the privacy of our speakers. Therefore, direct contact details will not be shared. However, there will be opportunities during the conference to interact with the speakers during Q&A sessions and panel discussions.

05 What if I have a topic or idea? Chevron Down Chevron Up

We welcome ideas and suggestions from our attendees. If you have a topic or an idea that you believe would add value to the conference, please reach out to us through our contact form on the website.

06 Why did you create the conference? Chevron Down Chevron Up

We created Intellect Horizon to bring together a global community of innovators, thinkers, and dreamers. We believe that the intersection of XR, AI, and Web3 holds immense potential, and we wanted to create a platform where ideas can be shared, collaborations can be formed, and the future can be shaped together.

07 Can I invite friends? Chevron Down Chevron Up

Absolutely! We encourage you to share this learning opportunity with your friends, colleagues, and networks. The more diverse our community, the richer the discussions and the greater the potential for innovation.

08 Why do I have to register? Chevron Down Chevron Up

Registration helps us plan for the event and ensure a smooth experience for all attendees. It also allows us to keep you updated with any changes or additional information about the conference. This is especially true for the workshops where physical meets digital!

09 Why did you focus on XR, AI, and WEB3? Chevron Down Chevron Up

We believe that XR, AI, and Web3 are the key technologies that will shape the future. They hold the potential to transform industries, redefine experiences, and create new opportunities. By focusing on these areas, we aim to explore their potential, understand their challenges, and envision the future they could enable.

Free Digital Conference

OCTOBER 28th 2023