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Joining Starship Seekers is a breeze: Register, link your LinkedIn, and indicate your job-seeking status. We’ll handle the rest.

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Simply add your LinkedIn profile and check the job seeker box at registration


Recruiters will have breakout rooms to connect and help you navigate opportunities


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Orbiting Opportunities, Landing Dream Jobs

Starship Seekers is a unique networking platform at the Intellect Horizon conference, designed to connect job seekers with top-tier recruiters remotely over Zoom (and beyond), recruiters are looking primarily for experts in Web3, XR, and AI.

Yes, while it’s a part of the Intellect Horizon conference, you’ll need to indicate your interest in Starship Seekers during registration to ensure recruiters can connect.

We welcome recruiters! Please reach out to our team for more details on how you can be a part of Starship Seekers.

Once you’re in, you’ll be directed to specific breakout rooms where you can interact with recruiters, ask questions, and discuss potential opportunities. Each session is designed to be engaging and informative.

Yes! If both parties are interested, contact details can be exchanged for further discussions and potential opportunities.

Yes, there is no participation fee for either job seekers or recruiters. Starship Seekers is a complimentary feature of the Intellect Horizon conference, emphasizing our commitment to universal access to opportunities.

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OCTOBER 28th 2023